I wanted to express my deep appreciation for this Wedding Planner



 This is a masterful 136 Page Questions and Answers Wedding, Planner. It will save you a lot of time and errors.

Over 250 specific wedding questions answered!

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“What I want you to know is that I designed my 136 page (downloadable) Master Wedding Planning Guide to be the easiest to follow system for learning how to plan a wedding available.

It is jam-packed with information, including step-by-step EVERYTHING that needs to be planned, booked and organized.

All the questions that you must ask to make sure that you get what YOU want and avoid being taken advantage of; timelines, budgets, over 250 of your questions answered, over 150 cost-saving tips covering every aspect of your wedding, seating plans, bride/groom photos, questions to ask Bands, DJs, photographers, and so much more…


“I wasn’t sure about hiring an actual Wedding Planner or ordering this book. But, I thought what’s $37 compared to a $2100 human Wedding Planner. I am extremely happy with this Master Wedding Planner.

Now that all is said and done, I encourage any future couples to grab this Planner now! It has a well thought out design. Just keep it on your phone or Ipad-Very easy to follow. It really kept me calm and sane through the entire planning process.

Our Wedding was spectacular!” P.S. The promised thousand songs 70’s MP3 DVD is fantastic! I Love the 70’s!

Caroline Sims–Texas   Read more


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(Just $37 out of the $10,000 plus you are probably going to spend on your beautiful Wedding and Reception)

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    Hi Everybody, My name is Jack Barrett and I have been a successful Wedding DJ for 24 years. I wish I had this Wedding Planner when I started out my DJ career.  It handles so many different scenarios.

Here is just one paragraph from the “Bachelorette Party” Chapter:

First things first. Decide what it is that you are going to do on the night so that venues can be booked, etc, and the invitations can be sent out. It is very important to get them out early, people may need to get time off work or make sure their diary is free. NO ONE wants to miss the bachelorette party.

Get together with the bachelorette and find out exactly who she would like to invite. She may not feel comfortable with–there are 9 more paragraphs to this page….(you’ll have to purchase this Wedding Planner to see the rest )

No question, you're going to have fun!

NOW, consider just 29 out of 250 questions

      • How should you word your wedding invitations, service booklets and thank you cards?

      • How to tell your parents you want to plan your own wedding

      • Who should walk you down the aisle if your father has passed away?

      • Should I have an Open Bar?

      • How should I end my Reception?

      • What to do if you have a wedding date conflict?

      • Who should you invite to the rehearsal dinner?

      • Who should pay for the rehearsal dinner?

      • How to avoid wedding crashers

      • Wedding etiquette for a pregnant bride.–This Wedding Planner will tell you.

      • Should I hire a live band or a Professional DJ?

      • What is first dance etiquette?

      • How can you include multiple parents/relatives in the wedding ceremony?

      • Paying for the wedding… who pays for what?

      • What to do if people want to bring dates and you are short on space? This Wedding Planner will tell you

Get all questions answered

      • What to do about divorced parents who don’t get along? This Wedding Planner will tell you


      • What happens to traditions when you have divorced/remarried parents? 

      • What order does the Wedding Party walk in too?

      • How much should you tip the wedding minister?

      • What to do about cultural differences?

      • How do you ask family members for contributions towards your wedding?

      • What to do about childcare during a wedding?

      • Which co-workers should you invite to your wedding?

      • Have questions about Father Daughter dance?

      • How do you let an unfashionable wedding guest know how to dress?

      • How many wedding gift registries should you have?

      • Can a girl be the ring bearer? (Yes I’ve had a few people ask me that one)–This Wedding Planner will tell you

      • How to set the ideal date for your wedding.

      • Who pays for bridesmaids dresses

      • Suggestions for who pays in a modern world.

    • imagesDrunks 13What to do with challenging guests?


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