1000 song 60’s or 70’s top 100 hits Mp3 DVD. Hits like: The Beatles; Gary Lewis; The Turtles: The Grass Roots; Three Dog Night: Creedence Clearwater; Paul Anka; The Monkees; The Ronettes;

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JUST SITTING IN MY LIVING ROOM…I noticed my friend ‘s Guitar Amp he left at my place and a microphone

..hmm I wonder what I would sound like singing my favorite song “Unchained Melody” on his amp. …So I hooked up a cheap recorder and began to sing–

NOW I would like for anyone to comment below as to whether or not I should spend some money and record this in a studio. All of my DJ equipment was in my Storage shed at the time I recorded this.

I was just messing around then some friends that heard it said I should put it on YouTube–so here it is. Enjoy!